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Guests expect digital services, like the Digital Guest Directory, in their holiday accommodations. After all, smartphones and the likes have become our constant companions. The Digital Guest Directory provides your guests with everything they need to know for their stay, accessible on their very own smartphones and tablets. Bring Your Own Device is the name of the game! It’s the most convenient and hygienic solution for you and your guests.

No unnecessary questions, no research, no time wasting. Your guests find what they’re looking for – contactless yet personal.

Couple using the Digital Guest Directory by Guestfriend on a smartphone in the hotel lobby

Features of your Digital Guest Directory

Replace the vast amount of flyers and brochures with the modern, digital solution of your room folder. It combines many interactive features that facilitate communication with your guests, increase your upsellings and reduce your team’s workload.

Guest information

Inform your guests about offers, phone number, addresses, hygiene regulations, menus, daily programmes and more.

Digital travel guide

Comes with tips about sights, attractions, excursions, events, weather and more, all available in our data pool.

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Enquiries & bookings

Thanks to interactive forms, guests book offers such as spa appointments, breakfast courses etc. – and you can manage bookings easily online.

Digital services

Refreshingly convenient: request late check-out, cancel room cleaning, order bread rolls, fill in registration forms and much more.


Reach your guests personally with the integrated chat feature and answer their questions in the blink of an eye. That's direct communication made easy!

Push notifications

Send push notifications to your guests and provide them with information, offers and things to know in real time.


Hotel software (PMS)

Connect your Digital Guest Directory with your PMS and use three new features: Journey Mail, Pre-check-in and Check-out.


Highlight your events! From gala dinners to the Happy Hour through to sport courses, excrusions or regional highlights.

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Feedback & reviews

Gather direct feedback from your guests or ask them to leave a review on the major platforms (HolidayCheck etc.).

Magazines & journals

Entertainment is guaranteed thanks to the broad selection of newspapers, magazines and journals, which are available as e-papers.


You can use several interfaces of our partners (PMS, reviews, routes and tours, weather and more). Learn more here!

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App & web version

Your guests can access the DGD as free app or as progressive web app via Internet browser.


The direct line to your property management system

Connect your Digital Guest Directory with your property management system to automatically transfer guest information and enable a seamless guest journey.

  • Journey Mail

    Your guests will receive an automated e-mail with booking details and links to the Digital Guest Directory and the bookable services before their arrival.

  • Pre-check-in

    Guests simply check in digitally before arrival using the Guest Directory. This speeds up check-in, takes pressure off your team and increases guest satisfaction.

  • Check-out

    Guests can easily view their bill online and settle it with just a few clicks.


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Advantages of the Digital Guest Directory

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Improved service

The digital service complements your personal service and is available around the clock.

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Reduced workload

Frequently asked questions of your guests are answered and your offers can be booked online.

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Increased sales

Your offers and services are put into the spotlight and can be booked around the clock. This will increase your sales.

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More sustainability

Prints and flyers are a thing of the past. The possibility of cancelling the room cleaning leads to more sustainability.

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Increased guest satisfaction

Guests expect digital services in their holiday accommodations. Inspire your guests with your digital services!

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Lower costs

Reduced workload, optimised check-ins and more efficieny when planning housekeeping services.

FAQs about the Digital Guest Directory

You can highlight your DGD very easily:

We will provide you with digital files that can be integrated into the booking confirmation or your website. That way, you can inform your guests about everything they need to know before they even arrive.

At arrival, your guests will receive a flyer that offers information about your Digital Guest Directory. You’ll get these flyers from us, too.

During their stay, your guests will find room stands in their rooms and public areas, which come with additional information about the Digital Guest Directory.

The Wi-Fi Landing Page and the Hotel Newspaper can also redirect your guests to the Digital Guest Directory.

As you can see: There are many options for your guests to actively use the Digital Guest Directory.

You don’t, but you can. Our Digital Guest Directory is based on the BYOD (bring your own device) principle. That way, your guests access and use it via their own devices. After all, that’s the most hygienic and convenient solution for your guests. You can reach them no matter where and don’t have to invest in hardware and maintenance.

We can also provide you with hardware if you wish to make your Digital Guest Directory accessible in public areas: Our offer includes touchscreen kiosks and tablets with fitting stands. They can be set up near reception and work as a digital concierge, answering your guests’ questions in a fun-to-use way around the clock.

Further information can be found here.

The menu of the Digital Guest Directory is available in German, English, Italian, Dutch and French. In addition, we can translate your contents into any language.

Yes, you can! You can contact your guests via the integrated chat feature and answer their questions and requests at any time.

We’ll take care of the initial setup of your Digital Guest Directory. Afterwards, you can manage your contents online. You will have access to our content management system and the associated online editor. This can be used to update your contents in real time, with just a few clicks.

Our customer service is what defines us. You will always have the right contact person to support you – from purchase to setup to finalisation and the time afterwards. Once your Digital Guest Directory is ready to use, your contact person from our customer service will get in touch with you and support you with tips and tricks at any time. This service comes without any additional costs!

Isolated solutions are too common in the hotel industry. That is why we want to make sure that our products complement each other while being managed via a single platform. That way, contents can be displayed in the Digital Guest Directory, the Hotel Newspaper or the Info Channel. QR codes in the Hotel Newspaper or the Info Channel redirect your guests to your Digital Guest Directory. The Wi-Fi Landing Page is another perfect complement to the DGD: Once your guests log in to the Wi-Fi network, a landing page will come up and redirect them to your Digital Guest Directory.


Here's what our customers think

3* Waldhaus LauenhainTom Möbius
Read More
"We are happy to have chosen Hotelcore: All employees are friendly and professional at all times. If we have questions, we can contact customer support and our personal contact will definitely find a solution for us. Guestfriend is a great way for hotels and guesthouses to highlight and support their online presence."
4* Hotel Kessler Meyer Well & Wine Jessica Simon
Read More
"The digital forms are amazing. Especially in these modern times: they are hygienic, can be filled out in next to no time and can be accessed from anywhere. Our guests use them to book wellness appointments or dinner tables, without any effort for us. Once the forms have been submitted, we can start to manage them and plan ahead. That's perfect: We save precious time while meeting our guests' expectations."
havelblau FERIENLOFTSAntje Krassa
Read More
"We have been using the Digital Guest Directory from Hotelcore since 2017. We particularly like the continuous development of the product and the user-friendly presentation of the editorial system and the guest directory itself. This allows our team to quickly and easily customise the content themselves. And our guests are also delighted with the digital travel companion."
Alpgau FerienwohnungenFlorian Süßmair
Read More
"Hotelcore is also suitable for small businesses that wish to stand out against competition. We are happy to provide our guests with sustainable offers in our apartments through the Digital Guest Directory and the Wi-Fi Landing Page. After all, modern guests are always online and use their smartphones and tablets for virtually everything."
4* Hotel SteigerSabine Steiger
Read More
"Hotelcore attends to all requests and questions in a quick and competent way. We are happy to have chosen the Digital Guest Directory by Hotelcore and appreciate its great help in our daily work. What's really fantastic is the fact that we can create the Hotel Newspaper with the very same system – which saves us even more time!"
Hotel JungbrunnDagmar Lechleitner
Read More
"We want to make sure our guests feel comfortable from the very first moment on. So we highlight our Digital Guest Directory during check-in, making everything they need to know easily available. That way, we don't have to flood them with information – which reduces check-in time. Some guests even know all about our offers and services before they arrive because they had a look at the Digital Guest Directory at home."
Waldcamping FeldkirchGerold Danner
Read More
"The world of today can't be imagined without digitisation. Guests expect information to be available in a digital form – flyers and brochures are less and less popular. Thanks to the Digital Guest Directory, our guests can access all information around the clock. Our campsite guests read up on shopping possibilities, leisure activities, events, restaurants and more independently and comfortably."
Huxfeld-HofMartina Warnken
Read More
"We have been using Hotelcore for several years and are very satisfied. For us, the Digital Guest Directory simplifies our work considerably, since we no longer have to maintain paper folders. All important information, tips and hints are stored and exchanged very quickly. The customer support is always fast and friendly. Furthermore, our guests also appreciate this service very much. We can really recommend Hoteclore!"
Wander & Wildkräuter Gasthof LindeMarc Meßmer
Read More
"For eight years now, we have found a reliable partner in Hotelcore to provide our guests with lots of information about our hotel and the region before check-in and during their vacation. What we really like: we can easily send push messages with promotions and news directly to our guests' smartphones. They are well-informed and for us, the effort for advice and explanation has been reduced significantly."
Wald- & Schlosshotel FriedrichsruheJürgen Wegmann
Read More
"The feeling of being informed and flexible at any time is a basic need of our guests. With Hotelcore, we satisfy this need and create a smart feeld-good factor. As a central information platform, our guests have everything important on their smartphones - in the app or in the browser. They can access tips and recommendations in the region or request spa or table reservations directly online. Thus, digital communication and personal service complement each other perfectly and satisfy not only the guests but also the staff."
Guesthouse JanßenLars Janßen
Read More
"Since we started using Hotelcore, we have been enjoying a professional cooperation. From the beginning until today and certainly beyond, everything worked out very well. It has even increased our customer base and made it more diverse in all age groups. My spontaneous thoughts about Hotelcore are the words qualified, masterful, cordial and forward-looking."

Digital info points

Would you like to highlight your Digital Guest Directory? We’ve got you covered. Our digital info points display your Digital Guest Directory in public areas and attract your guests’ attention around the clock.


Success stories of our customers

Digital Guest Directory as hotel app

StrandResort Markgrafenheide

Digital guest services: permanent contact throughout the holiday journey, reduced workload yet more sales.

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Romantik Hotel Bären nutzt digitale Gästemappe von Gastfreund
Digital Guest Directory | Hotel Newspaper

Romantik Hotel Bären

Digital services bring in €2,500 per month in the Hotel-Restaurant alone, paying themselves off within next to no time.

Download PDF
Appartement Ennemoser nutzt digitale Gästemappe von Gastfreund
Digital Guest Directory

Appartements Ennemoser

Digital Guest Directory supports guests as their digital holiday companion and makes offering the bread roll service less complicated for the host.

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