Illustration showing a guest and a hotel employee communicating via the Hotel Board
Hotel Board

Your Hotel Operations Platform

Illustration showing a guest and a hotel employee communicating via the Hotel Board

The core part of your business.

The Hotelboard is the digital centrepiece of your hotel, because the Hotel Operations Management links all departments and allows centralised team work in one digital space.

Your team can communicate via the Hotelboard and organise tasks quickly and easily. The Hotel Operations Platform really gets your team going. With smooth and transparent work processes.

And your guests will benefit from the Hotel Operations Platform too: It bundles guest requests and messages, which your team can then organise with just a few clicks. Your guests will love this real-time service!

Illustration showing the Hotel Board by Gastfreund

Say goodbye to post-its and annoying Excel tables: The Hotelboard is ideal to optimise your workplace and improve the work quality and satisfaction of both your team and your guests.

Internal team communication

Your team can communicate via the Hotelboard, either 1:1, group chats, cross-departmental or global. Transparent and comprehensible communication throughout the team. Thanks to the "read" status, you can also see when the information has been received. And best of all, thanks to automated translation into numerous languages, any language barriers within the team are a thing of the past.

Illustration showing the team working and communication with the Hotel Board
Illustration showing the task management via the Hotel Board

Task management

Organise your to-do list in a transparent and paper-free way, add optional file attachments and assign tasks to your team members with just one click. Check lists, deadlines, templates and notifications facilitate your task organisation.
The ideal tool for shift changes, lost and found items, organisation of requests and a lot more.

Guest communication

Organise requests (room cleaning, wellness appointments, repairs etc.), chat messages and feedback of your guests in the blink of an eye: once your guests send you a message, you can reply and assign the task to the team member in charge.

Illustration showing a guest and an employee communicating via the Hotel Board
Illustration showing the knowledge data base of the Hotel Board

Knowledge management

Save any useful information for your team in the Hotelboard: Integrate documents such as employee manuals explaining the assignments, responsibilities and processes. Facilitate onboarding of new team members and share information such as birthdays, new colleagues and more.


Anything else? Sure! Thanks to the search bar, you can find requests and tasks in next to no time.

Illustration showing the search feature of the Hotel Board

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Illustration showing a Gastfreund employee setting up the product

Get your team on board!

Improve your team work with the Hotelboard. It is accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers – either as progressive web app or as a native app.That way, it can be used by all team members, even on their private devices. GDPR-compliant communication with maximum confidentiality and without the need to purchase additional hardware.And if there’s a problem: Simply get in touch with your contact person at Gastfreund to have your questions answered or receive training for your team – free of charge!
Illustration showing the hotel team working with the Hotel Board
Benefit now

Advantages of the Hotelboard


Higher productivity

Work through your to-do list in an efficient and transparent way.


Efficient planning

Plan resources even better by assigning tasks with just a few clicks.

Guest satisfaction

Higher guest satisfaction

Your team can take care of guest requests quickly and efficiently.


More team work

Improve team communication and collaboration.

Reduced workload

Reduced workload

Optimized processes save time and improve employee satisfaction.


Increased professionalism

Paper-free, digital tools reduce error sources and increase work quality.

FAQs about the Hotelboard

Of course! We are known for our personal customer service.

1. Setup:

We will set up the Hotelboard and create the required Users and Topics (e. g. Shift changes, News, Lost and Found etc.).

2. Training

Afterwards, we will introduce the Hotelboard to your team in a free online meeting, where we also answer questions and share useful tips.

3. Support

Your contact person will of course be there for you even after the training session. On top, we give you access to video tutorials.

We will create a User for each team member. The login details will be sent to the Users by e-mail.

Of course! We have created the Hotelboard to be as flexible as possible: You and your team can create Topics that match your business and daily requirements. You can set up Topics for your individual compartments or task areas (such as Lost and Found, shift changes etc.). Throughout the process, your contact person at Gastfreund will be there for you, offering tips and best practices.

Yes! All you need to do is select the Users that are supposed to be part of a specific group. That makes assigning tasks to team members even easier.

The Hotelboard can be used individually, customised and with any content you see fit.

Our customers use the Hotelboard to …

  • communicate with their guests
  • organise requests (e. g. wake-up calls etc.)
  • forward requests and enquiries (e. g. to housekeeping or the spa team)
  • organise shift changes
  • take care of booking requests
  • manage the Lost and Found department
  • organise repair tasks
  • manage courses, lessons and participation
  • communicate with the team (1:1, cross-departmental and global)
  • share news and announcements
  • use it as a notice board
  • share information regarding COVID-19

The Digital Guest Directory

In the Digital Guest Directory, guests have access to useful information for their stay: offers, services, recommendations, excursions and a lot more. Requests sent via the Digital Guest Directory will be forwarded directly to your Hotelboard so your team can take care of them quickly and efficiently.


Here's what our customers think

EMA House Hotel SuitesJonathan Anthamatten
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"For us, the Hotelboard is a valuable asset in both the guest and team areas. We place the highest value on first-class guest service. Therefore, we use the Hotelboard to answer guest enquiries that we receive via our digital guest directory immediately, and also to organise them in the team. On top, it supports us in communicating staff information easily, recording work processes in a comprehensible way and incorporating ideas from our team. We are convinced by the easy handling and the possibility to use the tool individually!"
Sportcamp MelchtalSarah Durrer
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"With the Hotelboard, we can finally coordinate our group arrivals transparently across departments. All information is directly with the right person and we have a good overview of what still needs to be done. This way we ensure smooth arrangements and handovers. The Hotelboard is easy to use, so we were able to integrate it quickly into our daily work and simplify work processes."

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Hinterlassen Sie uns einfach Ihre Kontaktdaten. Gerne informieren wir Sie unverbindlich über Ihre Möglichkeiten mit Gastfreund.

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Simply leave your contact details. Your contact person will get back to you as soon as possible to answer your questions.

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Simply leave your contact details. We will be happy to provide you with further information about the Hotelboard.

Simply leave your contact details. Your contact person will get back to you as soon as possible to answer your questions.